Technical help

Take a look below for answers to common questions about technical support. 

Where can I locate technical integration documents?

Head to the support section in the MMS. This is where all the technical integration documents and other support documents are located. 


You can find more info in our Developer Support section here.

If you need technical assistance, please email or phone us on 01606 566 600. 

Who do I phone for technical support?

If you are a new customer looking for help to get set up please contact our Online Account Management Team on 01606 566 600. 

If you have been with takepayments for a while and require additional support to help you get the maximum benefit from our products please contact our Customer Success team on 01606 566 600. 

How do I know what shopping carts are compatible with the gateway?

You can find out more about which shopping carts we integrate with here.

Developer support

Linking a website to our payment gateway? Find more information and support in our Developer Support section here.

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