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We offer small businesses so much more than card payments.

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We believe small businesses are at the heart of the UK’s economy and we’re dedicated to making it easy for them to grow. From business funding that can help you get the supplies you need, to offering partnerships with us to grow your potential.

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Looking to take card payments?

If you're looking to accept card payments, we've a range of solutions to suit most businesses. From our market-leading takepaymentsplus to the fast-performing DX8000, one of our team can visit you at your business and help you decide what's right for you.

Why are we bold enough to say we are the most trusted?

It's all down to our Trustpilot reviews. We are proud to have the highest volume of 4* and 5* reviews compared to other similar card payment providers, which means we can officially say we are the most trusted! In fact, we have more 4* and 5* reviews than each of these providers has in total. 

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I would strongly recommend takepayments as a business to partner with and be a customer of. Customer service has been great, it was all very slick!


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We can help you accept card payments

We offer a range of card payments solutions for small businesses. Whether you're looking to take payments in person or over the phone, we could get you set up and running in no time.

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