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Accepted Payment Types

What is a merchant account?

If you want to take card payments, you’ll need one. It's different to a normal bank account, sitting between your business bank account and your customers’ account. It safely holds the funds while they’re being processed.

Once it's been checked that there's enough money in the customer’s account, the funds are released from the merchant account. They'll then be transferred into your bank account 3 to 5 working days later.

We can help you get set up through one of our acquirers, such as Barclaycard. And it’s free! It's included as part of our service of getting you set up to take card payments.

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Ways to take card payments.

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Face to face

Accept card payments face to face, around your premises or on the go.

Countertop - take payments at the till Portable - serve your customers at their table Mobile - process payments on the go
Online payments on tablet


We've a few different options when it comes to online payments.

Payment gateway - accept payments through your website Pay by link - take payments through email Virtual terminal - take phone payments
12 Month

Short 12 month contract

We don't tie you into long contracts - ours are one of the shortest out there.

No Charge

No set up or exit fees

There's no set up fee, or a fee to leave at the end of your contract.


Dedicated consultants

They'll get a real understanding of what you need.


Personalised pricing

Get a made to measure pricing package for your business.

What makes us different?

At takepayments, we know merchant accounts. We’ve been helping people with card payments for over 25 years and are dedicated to helping small, independent businesses grow.

That’s why we’ll create you a personalised pricing package that’s right for you.

Our payment consultants are local to your area, and will come and get to know your business. They’ll make sure that they understand how you want to take card payments, and tailor-make a plan around what you need.

We offer a short 12 month contract – currently one of the shortest out there, and we don’t charge any set up fees or exit fees when you leave at the end of your contract.

We’re regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for consumer hire too.  

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Accept card payments
with a merchant account.

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See how accepting card payments benefited Simon.

I found it very easy once we decided to go ahead and take card payments. For so long we didn't take cards, but once we did, it built the business even more.
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Simon Crawley

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Frequently asked questions.

Do I only need one merchant account for my business?

This will depend on a few different things. If you have a number of different premises, you’ll need one merchant account for each location. So, for example, if you’ve a shop in South London, and one in East London, you’ll need two.

You can have a number of card machines at each of these shops though. So if you only have one shop in West London, which has four card machines, you’ll only need one merchant account.

If you’re taking payments online, you’ll need a merchant account just for these payments, even if you already have one for a physical shop. And if you want to take payments over the phone, or by email, you’ll need another one to process these.

Don’t worry if this has you a bit confused! Our payment consultants will be able to explain exactly what you need and help you get set up.

It’s free to set up a merchant account. As you need one to accept card payments, it’ll be set up for you as part of your card processing solution.

You can’t accept credit cards without one. Or debit cards! It’s as simple as that!

You might have also heard this be called a Merchant Identification Number, or MID. It’s a code that’s assigned to you once your merchant account is approved and live.

The money should reach your business bank account within 3 to 5 business days, once the payment has been taken.

A merchant account is usually set up by your payment processing provider. At takepayments, we’ll get you set up through one of our acquirers, including Barclaycard. 

We make it easy.

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