Have you got questions about how secure online payments with takepayments? We've got the answers to common questions below.

What is AVS security?

When should I use AVS security?

For maximum protection against card fraud, you should use all security functionality available to you.   

For transactions via mail or telephone, also referred to as MOTO, and via a browser-based service called a Virtual Terminal, the AVS service is a vital tool as 3D security is not available for a MOTO transaction.

What is 3D security, why is it important, and can I turn it off?

3D security provides similar functionality to chip and PIN for online (e-commerce) transactions.   

Critically, where 3D security is enabled, the liability of any fraudulent transaction is passed to the acquirer and to you, the merchant.

If you select to disable 3D security, you both become liable for chargeback costs of fraudulent transactions and any non-secure fees an acquirer may levy.

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