Understanding your takepayments invoice

If you've just joined us, you'll receive your first takepayments invoice soon, so we thought it would help to give you a bit more detail what it'll look like and what it means.

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Your takepayments invoice

We'll email you an invoice at the beginning of each month. Below you'll see an example invoice, with some key sections highlighted.

takepayments invoice example

It will show you the type of product you have, your monthly rental cost and any additional fees, such as PCI charges or set up fees. Please note, these additional fees may be spread across your first and second takepayments invoice.

The total amount due will be clearly shown too, so you know exactly what will be taken from your account that month, along with a date the payment will be taken (payment will be debited by Direct Debit on or around the date shown).

If you have any credit on your account, for example, a promotional free rental period, this won't appear on your first invoice, but you'll receive a separate credit note, which will be applied to your next invoice.

Your acquirer invoice

You'll receive a separate email from your acquirer each month, the first one will be in the post, but you can opt into email invoices directly with them if you prefer. 

This will also be sent at the beginning of each month and will contain their service charges for card payments you have taken

Your Barclaycard invoice

If Barclaycard is your acquirer, they have created a useful guide to help you understand your bill, which you can view here.

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