How an EPOS system can help your hospitality business

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How an EPOS system can help your hospitality business

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COVID-19 has hit businesses up and down the country hard, but few more so than those operating within the hospitality sector, who were among the last to be given the green light to re-open. 

It’s looking like it’s going to take a while before life gets back to normal, and it’s meaning businesses are having to adapt to a new way of working to keep up with government guidelines.

At such an unprecedented time, the last thing any business needs is outdated systems adding another layer of stress, slowing down processes, and potentially making it harder to bounce back as soon as possible. 

The good news is, there’s technology available that could have the opposite effect - the EPOS system. So in this article, we’ll tell you why they’re such a nifty bit of kit and how it could help your business’ recovery in a world after lockdown. 

EPOS and integrated payments

Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) systems are designed to make running a business easier, after all, any business owner will tell you there just aren’t enough hours in the day, right?

An important element for any business trying to recover from the effects of COVID is the ability to accept card payments:

  • The government is encouraging businesses to accept card payments, especially contactless, wherever possible since it’s the safest way to pay and be paid.
  • Consumers are worried about the transmission risks of handling cash - card payments in the UK increased by 75% in April 2020 and remained 74.4% higher in May.
  • Experts suggest consumers will only consider spending money when they feel it’s safe to do so, post-lockdown.
  • The higher contactless limit of £45 introduced during lockdown was rapidly adopted by Brits that it was increased again in October 2021 to £100. 

With an EPOS system you can integrated card payments - but what does that really mean?

It means your EPOS system communicates with your card machine, eliminating the need to manually type instructions in to complete a transaction. Not only does that leave you one less thing to do, but it also:

  • Eliminates the possibility of human error
  • Speeds up the payment process
  • Reduces reporting inaccuracies
  • Reduces the risk of staff theft
  • Saves you time, and
  • Keeps your business secure.

Plus, your customers can make use of the contactless technology on offer to make safer payments, so not only are you making the running of your business easier, you’re giving customers what they want - safer payments. It’s a win-win.

Top tip: find out more about integrated payments with an EPOS system here.

Perks of EPOS

Integrated payments are wonderful, but the benefits of an EPOS system don’t stop there. The perks are far-reaching and if put to good use, could aid in the successful recovery of your hospitality business. 

Before we dive in, it’s worth noting that all the benefits outlined are specific to the EPOS Now system and mightn’t apply to others on the market.

The system integrated with hundreds of apps, to help make managing your business easier, including:


EPOS systems are packed full of handy apps, and one of them allows you to take bookings with ease. 

Using the app your customers can book with you through your website, Facebook page, or a free online booking microsite. 

Order at table

The government has instructed hospitality businesses to operate a strict ‘table service only’ policy within their establishments to reduce congestion and hotspots at bars and counters.

EPOS has the ability to integrate with an app for that - customers can browse your menu and order using their mobile phones, and the orders will sync instantly with your kitchen/bar.

Track and trace

Hospitality businesses must now collect customer details in line with the government’s track and trace programme - designed to quickly nip any outbreaks in the bud.

EPOS Now lets you participate in the scheme while maintaining compliance with the relevant data protection legislation - one less thing for you to worry about.

Click and collect

Many in the hospitality industry opted to set up a takeaway service at the height of lockdown, and with some consumers still wary to leave the house or shielding, takeaway remains a popular option.

Well, EPOS Now has an app for that too which allows consumers to pay for orders online and select either the delivery or click and collect option.

Inventory checking

Running out of stock is every business owner’s worst nightmare, no one likes disappointing customers, but running back and forth from the stockroom can be a time-consuming job. 

An EPOS system will check your inventory for you, let you know when you’re running low on certain items, and you can even opt to set up automatic purchase orders on it.

Data analysis and reports

Using EPOS you can set up custom dashboards and monitor sales whenever and wherever you want to. You don’t need to run a report every time either, you can set them up to be automatically emailed to you.

Plus, if you leave finances to your accountant, you’ll can set up a report that you can forward straight over to them.

Staff scheduling

In line with social distancing measures, the government has advised businesses to stagger their staff rotas, arrival times, break times, and also group their workforce into bubbles to minimise contact.

With EPOS, you can manage your staff rotas with ease, so everyone knows exactly where they’re up to and you’re never left short again - plus you’ll have access to staff performance and pay data too.

Built-in WIFI

EPOS Now has WIFI built-in so it’s super speedy and will allow you to reduce waiting times and improve the customer experience, get through more customers faster, serve more people in a day, and ultimately bolster your post-lockdown recovery.


At takepayments we’re all about helping businesses thrive, and that’s why we’ve partnered with EPOS Now to offer their market-leading EPOS system.

It comes with all of the above and more, meaning you’ll be ready to adapt and make changes quickly, and is sure to make your post-lockdown recovery as a business in the hospitality sector as smooth as possible. 

Sold? Prices start from as little as £65 per month, and we also offer:

  • A specialist joining team - who’ll get you up and running totally hassle-free.
  • No sign-up or exit costs - we don’t believe in charging businesses unnecessary fees.
  • Next day settlement - your money will land in your account the next banking day.
  • Partnership with Barclaycard - one of the most trusted brands on the market.

We’ve done everything we can to support businesses through this crazy time, so for more help, information, advice, and guidance relating to the pandemic, head to our dedicated customer hub.

If you’re ready to take the leap into the world of EPOS, reach out to one of our friendly experts today on 08082 393 660.

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