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Make managing your business easier with an EPOS system.

The C15W is the latest EPOS till system from market leaders EPOS NOW, that’s perfect for retail and hospitality businesses and lets you keep up with the ever-changing demands of consumers.

It links with 100s of apps that help make managing your business easier. From allowing you to take bookings, offer order at table, pay at table, click and collect and more. 

Built-in WIFI means it’s super speedy, so you can process each customer faster, turn over more orders or tables, and give your customers a slick experience.

The system can crunch your data, and analyse your inventory and staff scheduling, to help you see where you can cut costs, and show you where to spend more.

Speak to our EPOS experts today and find out how a till system could help your business.

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Flexibility as standard.

  • Integrated payments, with card machine included.
  • Software that scales around your business.
  • Powerful LCD touch screen and secure metal cash drawer.
  • Integrates with 100s of apps.
  • One to one remote training and expert support.
  • Customised dashboards so you can monitor performance.
  • Automated reports that you can send straight to your accountant.
  • Check your inventory without a trip to the stock room.
  • Manage your staff rotas, performance and pay.
  • Collect your customers data and use it to build loyalty.
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How it helps your business.

Easily report on your performance.

Quickly set up a dashboard and see your sales, product and even staff performance, whenever you need to.

You won’t need to run a report each time either. You can set them to send to your email automatically.

Access the Back Office system from anywhere, anytime.

Connect to the EPOS Cloud-based Back Office system with your login, from any internet-enabled device, meaning you can keep checking in, even if you’re not physically in the business.

Track and monitor your stock levels.

Say no to unnecessary stock takes. With EPOS, you can easily see how much stock you have left.

You can also set alerts to tell you when you’re running out of products, as well as automated purchase orders, so you’ll always have your best-selling products available.

See how your staff are performing.

Your staff members can clock in and out of the EPOS system, so you can see what hours they’re working.  

Plus, you can track what they’re selling to monitor performance, and identify any training gaps.

Three Bakers Epos System

Frequently asked questions.

Who are EPOS Now?

Established in 2011, they’re one of the leading providers of all-in-one point of sale systems and solutions. EPOS Now are one of the fastest growing tech companies in the UK.

The brand is trusted by over 30,000 businesses, and they work with over 90 different brands for integrated payments.

The system can be scaled to suit your business and this flexibility means it’s suitable for lots of different types of businesses and industries. This includes:

  • Cafes
  • Pubs
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Boutiques and salons
  • Gift shops
  • Clothing retailers
  • Salons
  • Hairdressers

We’ve partnered with EPOS Now to provide personalised pricing packages that start from £65* per month. The package will be tailored to suit your needs.

One of our local payment consultants will come out to meet you and learn more about how your business runs. They’ll then tailor the pricing package based on your business type and your current or expected turnover.

When you’re ready to get started, there’s no upfront costs or deposit needed.

Get set-up with an EPOS till system today.

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T&Cs apply.

* Prices start from £65 per month, plus transaction charges. This is exclusive of VAT.

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