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Make things easier with an all-in-one POS system.

Our super-smart EPOS systems, or electronic point of sale systems, help simplify the way you do things day-to-day and makes managing your business easier.

Whichever system you choose, you can:

  • See your real-time data online, so you know exactly how your business is performing.
  • Create customised dashboards for quick and easy information.
  • Look for trends and develop your business plan based on the findings.
  • Monitor and amend your stock levels based on your sales reporting.
  • Manage your staff rotas, pay and performance.
  • Card machine rental with integrated payments included.
Epos Pro C15 System

Choose from:

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An all-in-one EPOS system that lets you take payments and manage your business on the move.

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EPOS C15W till system

A multi-award winning till system to help businesses keep up with the ever-changing demands of consumers.

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Make the most of our festive offer


At takepayments we like to make things easy and as a little helping hand this festive season, you can sign up and forget about terminal rental until 2022!*


Apply in December and you’ll get 1 month rental free.

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Why get an EPOS system?

It makes it easier for you to do your daily business tasks, like pulling together reports and checking how your products are performing.

That's why we’ve partnered with EPOS Now to bring you personalised packages that are right for your business.

  • EPOS software that can be tailored to your business.
  • Links up your devices, like a card machine or barcode scanner.
  • See which products are selling well and which aren’t.
  • Collect customer data and build customer loyalty.
  • Log in online wherever, whenever.
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Benefits of an EPOS system.

  • Personalised pricing

We’ve partnered with EPOS Now to offer pricing packages that are personalised to your business.

  • Quick and simple start up

You’ll get remote one-to-one training, so you'll be a pro in no time and have access to expert support when you need it.

  • No unnecessary costs

You don’t need to pay a deposit or any upfront costs to get started.

  • Expert support

If you’ve any questions before or after you’re set up, you’ll have access to expert support whenever you need it.

Epos Pro C15 In Business

Manage your business better
with an EPOS system.

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Frequently asked questions.

What is an EPOS system?

EPOS stands for ‘electronic point of sale’. It’s a modern day till system that’s designed to help you manage your business more effectively.

Unlike a traditional till, an EPOS system records all of your transactional info, and puts this into easy to understand reports that help you see how your business is performing.

It makes it easier for you to manage your business. Which can only be a good thing!

It stores your sales information securely in one area, so you can make effective business decisions. Let’s have a look in more detail.

You’ll be able to:

Get a complete overview of your business’ performance.

You can create custom reports and dashboards, so you can easily see how your sales and products are performing. You can also set the reports to send directly to your email inbox either daily, weekly, monthly or yearly!

Check your performance anytime, anywhere.

It uses its own Cloud-based Back Office system that you can log in to from anywhere on any device that’s connected to the internet, like your phone, tablet or laptop.

Secure your sales data and information in one area.

By connecting your EPOS till with your card machine or barcode scanner, all your sales information will be recorded and safely stored. So, you don’t need to manage lots of spreadsheets to know what’s sold and how much you’ve earned.

There’s less chance of mistakes on your reporting, as you won’t need to track it manually.

Easily manage your stock and inventory.

Details of everything you sell will be recorded, so you can see what you have left in stock and what you need to order more of.

You can also set alerts to show when you’re low on stock and you can process purchase orders directly from the system, making sure your best-selling products are available.

Add your customers onto the system.

If you deal with invoices, you can add your customers onto the system when they buy. You’ll be able to easily invoice them and give them credit notices. Plus, you’ll also be able to collect their phone number and email address, and send them promotions and adverts.

Check your staff’s performance.

Your staff can clock in and out of the EPOS system, so you can track their hours and accurately pay them for their shifts. You’ll also be able to see how they are performing based on the amount of sales they’ve made and what products have been sold.

It’s a great way for you to be able to reward your top performing staff and see who might need extra training and support.

No matter whether you own a clothing shop, run a small grocery or manage a chain of restaurant, an EPOS system can help you run your business.

Because of its design, it’s perfect for a range of different businesses, so you can effectively manage your business and check your performance.

If you own multiple shops, you can also manage different locations all within the same system.

We make it easy.

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Terms and conditions apply. 

*This offer is available to businesses that apply to takepayments for a terminal rental contract between the 1st December and the 31st December 2021 (inclusive). Businesses applying and entering from 1st December to the 31st December (inclusive) will receive 1 month free terminal rental for any terminal supplied by takepayments. This offer applies only to the terminal rental fees otherwise payable to takepayments. Businesses will remain liable to pay all other applicable charges, including any charges applied by the business’s acquiring bank under the separate contract for the processing of the card transactions. takepayments may withdraw or amend this offer without notice in its discretion.

**This service is available to takepayments Limited customers who are accepted for Barclaycard acquiring services and is subject to Barclaycard’s approval. Next day settlement refers to the next banking day. Your card machine’s banking window function must be performed before 8:30pm in order to receive settlement the next banking day. Transactions processed via Ecommerce pay pages, pay by link and virtual terminals may be subject to different settlement timescales.

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