7 documentaries every small business owner needs to see


7 documentaries every small business owner needs to see

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Inspiration comes from everywhere. It might be a conversation you overheard at your local coffee shop, an idea that sprung to you in the shower, a competitor that’s leading the way...or a documentary you cosy up to on a Saturday night.

Well, if you need a bit of direction when it comes to what you put on the box, look no further, because here are seven contenders that might help you conjure up your next business move.

1. The Startup Kids

Don’t be fooled by the name, it’s not just for start-ups. Featuring interviews with founders from some big worldwide brands (like Vimeo, Soundcloud and Dropbox), it’s packed with behind the scenes insights from inspirational entrepreneurs.

So, why watch it? You might be able to incorporate some of their tactics into your strategy and reap some of their success.

2. Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Okay, so here’s a very brief synopsis. Jiro One owns a small 10-seat sushi joint in a Tokyo subway station. All his life, his dream was to become the greatest sushi chef on the planet. Did it work? Well, he got as close as you can get. His restaurant has three Michelin stars and people stump up $300 a plate.

Key takeaways: the most successful business owners out there ooze passion, and those heightened emotions can often border obsession - but they get results, and this documentary aspires to share that ethos with the next generation of entrepreneurs. 

3. Chef’s Table

This one’s a Netflix original and follows a different world-famous chef around during each episode to show the journey they went on to get where they are today.

Wondering what a chef has to do with you? Their inspiration, drive and creativity are relateable and the challenges they faced - as well as how they overcame them - resemble a day in the life of any business owner.

With any luck, you’ll come away feeling reassured you’re not the only one that deals with obstacles and motivated to build on your own recipe for success.

4. Crafting a Nation

Crafting a Nation shares a lot of similarities with Jiro Dreams of Sushi in the sense it really focuses on the drive and dedication required of entrepreneurs, but they’re both well worth a watch.

It follows a bunch of craft breweries around the country, puts the spotlight on their work ethic, struggles and successes, and highlights the positive impact they’re having on their local communities - by recruiting farmers to grow hops, for example.

As well as feeding you with the mantras needed to keep your business on an upward trajectory, it’s a shining example of how and why businesses need to put their neighbourhood at the heart of their plans too.

5. Elon Musk: How I Became The Real ‘Iron Man’

“His greatest asset is his ability to take this big, big dream and make other people believe it’s true.”

The moral of this one’s simple: if you’ve big dreams and bundles of determination you can make them happen. Behind huge brands like PayPal, SolarCity and Tesla, Elon Musk’s a major player in the technology scene and this 45-minute documentary gives you a glimpse into the man behind the success.

6. Foundation

If following the lives of entrepreneurs with more zeros to their name than you care to count isn’t your style, then this one might be more up your street. 

In a nutshell, it follows the lives of five start-up entrepreneurs from the Founder’s Program at STATION F and gives people a great insight into what it’s like at the world’s biggest start-up campus.

The point? If you are or are soon to be new to the world of business you might be able to steal some ideas, set some expectations and see what the future has in store.

7. Steve Jobs: One Last Thing

Apple vs Samsung vs Nokia debates aside, Steve Jobs is a name we’ll not escape in several lifetimes, if ever. His mark on the computing industry was nothing short of revolutionary and this show explores his vision through the eyes of others and takes us through the talent, style and imagination he used to change the world.

The most moving part of the documentary comes right at the end in an exclusive interview with the man himself where he says:

"Life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact, and that is everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you...the minute that you understand that, you can poke life...you can change it, you can mould it...that's maybe the most important thing."

No more spoilers though, you’ll have to watch it to hear the rest!

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