Small business conferences to attend in 2020

Small Business Conferences

Small business conferences to attend in 2020

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A conference is a constructive opportunity to encounter fresh perspectives and innovative ideas, as well as networking with other people in your field. No matter how experienced you are in business, there is always something new to learn. 

Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge, find solutions to problems, present your ideas or make new contacts, industry conferences can help small business owners feel more integrated into the professional community. Looking ahead to 2020, we’ve rounded up 10 small business conferences designed to give entrepreneurs the edge. 

1. ATOMICON 2020

When: 28 April 2020

Where: Newcastle upon Tyne

Hailed as the UK’s biggest and best business conference, ATOMICON 2020 is aimed at small business owners who are tired of hustling and want to scale more effectively. The event is multi-track, which means you can pick and choose the sessions you want to attend and catch the rest on limited-time replay. 

Tickets include:

  • Access to all sessions and session replay
  • Post-event implementation workshop
  • Year-round support from the community group
  • Two networking parties
  • Bonus training 

Lunch is also provided – even better! 

2. Basingstoke Business Expo 

When: 26 March 2020

Where: Basingstoke

Hampshire’s biggest and longest-running business expo, Basingstoke Business Expo 2020 is the ultimate networking event for self-starting regional business owners looking to expand and prosper. 

There’s something for everyone here, whether you’re an established business or just starting out. This hub of creativity, activity and high-paced speed networking is free to attend, with an assortment of inspiring keynote speakers and exhibitors. 

3. The Northern Business Expo

When: 17-18 March 2020

Where: Manchester

Those up North won’t want to miss the Northern Business Expo: the North’s biggest business show and a go-to event for thousands of professionals. Another free event, the Northern Business Expo is aimed at business owners, professionals and sole traders who want to improve their business skills, meet suppliers and make new contacts. 

A particularly helpful event for those just starting out who are trying to make sense of the ‘wheels within wheels’ world of business, from sales and marketing to securing funding. 

4. Bath Business Expo 

When: 11 March 2020

Where: Bath

One of the region's largest business shows, the Bath Business Expo 2020 will take place from 10am to 3pm at the stately Assembly Rooms in the centre of Bath, attracting upwards of 500 visitors. 

Founded with the aim of bringing together the regional business community, the expo attracts businesses of all sizes looking to promote their brands and make new connections. Tickets are free – although you’ll want to reserve one quickly – and give access to: 

  • Business seminars
  • Free help and advice
  • Jobseekers hub 
  • Organised speed networking
  • Networking cafe 

All visitors are classified by vertical for more efficient networking. 

5. National Business Growth Exhibition & Conference

When: 19 March 2020

Where: Birmingham

As one of the UK’s oldest business growth conferences, Birmingham’s Business Growth Show gives visitors the chance to build relationships with hundreds of local and national businesses. The theme of this year’s show is Putting the ‘Great’ Back into Great Britain. 

Founded as a platform for businesses to spring from, the show runs a series of creative workshops and seminars designed to guide business owners through modern business essentials. Visitors can post their details on the business connections wall, highlighting what support they are looking for and what they can offer.

6. Elite Business Live

When: 9-10 March 2020

Where: London

An event designed for entrepreneurs, Elite Business Live is a place for entrepreneurial minds to meet and discover solutions to their business growth challenges. Packed with interactive panel sessions, insightful speakers and seminars, Elite Business Live is all about helping business owners to develop sustainable growth strategies and build a strong support network. 

With various activities taking place across two days, you can set your own agenda to find all the advice and inspiration you need.

7. Business Growth Expo Cardiff

When: 25 March 2020

Where: Cardiff 

If you’re based in South Wales, get yourself down to Cardiff’s Business Growth Expo this spring, where there will be a number of seminars on offer to help you grow your business, along with the chance to meet local vendors. 

The event is completely free with an optional networking breakfast – a great place to network informally at the start of the day. 

8. Marketing Show North

When: 11-12 February 2020 

Where: Manchester

Marketing Show North, part of the Digital City Expo, is a celebration of all things digital with a particular focus on marketing, ecommerce, tech and media. An annual event returning for its fifth year, the show is aimed at ambitious entrepreneurs seeking new ways to grow.

From working with micro-influencers to the introduction of voice search ads, Marketing Show North provides an opportunity to get ahead of the competition, with two days of expert keynotes, marketing masterclasses and engaging talks.

9. Mind the Product Engage

When: 7 February 2020

Where: Manchester 

Following a successful first conference last February, MTP Engage is back for a second time with its dedicated product conference for product managers of all levels. The event aims to help visitors develop their product skills, with talks and interactive sessions from product experts from around the UK. 

10. Practical Accounting & Finance for Entrepreneurs

When: 12 February 2020

Where: London

Last but not least, where would any business owner be without some basic knowledge of finance? This intensive one-day masterclass is designed to help entrepreneurs and small business owners better understand the financial aspects of their business using a range of simple, practical tools. 

More of a class than a conference, Practical Accounting & Finance for Entrepreneurs will help you understand how your business looks on paper, giving you confidence when it comes to engaging with tax advisors and potential investors. No previous knowledge is required to attend.

One more thing… 

Conferences are an excellent way to learn about the latest business developments, not just in your industry, but more widely. These days, there are countless offerings available to make life easier for small business owners. takepayments’ merchant services and card machines for small businesses are just one of them. 

Get in touch today and see how we can help.

Bryony Pearce

Bryony Pearce


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