Our Glasto playlist to motivate your team

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Our Glasto playlist to motivate your team

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For the second year running the famous music festival Glastonbury was cancelled because of Covid-19. But just because Glastonbury is cancelled, it doesn’t mean you and your team can’t enjoy your own ‘Glasto’ playlist at work to help keep you all motivated throughout the summer months. 

This playlist was keenly debated amongst our music enthusiasts, but finally we have come up with what we think is a truly great Glastonbury playlist. 

U2- It’s a beautiful day

Back in 2011, U2 were the main act on the Pyramid Stage and the legendary rockers didn’t disappoint. It was their rendition of this belter that really got the audience going. Even though this song is over 20 years old, it still pricks the hairs on the back of our necks, a true anthem of the 00s and as catchy as ever. 

So if you want to get your colleagues pumped and ready for the day ahead then this one will really hit the spot ‘and then some’. 

David Bowie - Under pressure 

David Bowie, and all of his wonderful idiosyncrasies, graced the festival right at the dawn of the new millennium with an iconic performance and it was one of his greatest hits that really got the crowd going.

For obvious reasons, he wasn’t able to perform it alongside fellow Icon Freddie Mercury (who he dueted with originally). However, you and your team can still drum along to the original to add some energy and positivity to your workspace or office. This is great if you have a deadline to meet and are feeling the stress. 

Jay- Z Hard Knock Life

In 2008, American rapper Jay-Z was the controversial main act - after Noel Gallagher said that rappers shouldn’t be headline performers at Glastonbury. Shawn Carter (Jay-Z’s actual name) produced a great performance that blew everyone away. 

The song we loved most was Hard Knock Life - a clever take on the musical version from Annie. So even if your team aren’t hip hop fans they will still be able to sing along to the famous chorus. Sing with us now ‘ It’s a hard knock life for …’ well you get the picture. 

Paul Mccartney - Live and Let Die

Booking an ex- Beatle as your headline act is a pretty big deal and in 2004 that is what happened when the legendary Paul Mccartney performed his many classics to an incredibly lucky audience. 

It was his performance of ‘Live and Let Die’ which created a real buzz. Now you and your team can sing along to one of the most famous Bond themes ever. If this doesn’t get you motivated then we don’t know what will. 

Bruce Springsteeen - Born to run

You know a music artist must be pretty good if people call him ‘The Boss’ and in 2009 Bruce Springsteen brought his collection of hits to Glastonbury and my word was this barnstorming performance made him worthy of his ‘Boss’ title. 

No doubt one of his greatest hits is Born to Run which he performed to an extremely enthusiastic audience. Now if you want a song which is uplifting and loud then look no further than this - absolutely essential for our playlist. 

Oasis - Roll with it

And to our final anthem of our Glastonbury playlist we bring you a bit of Indie. Today, the Gallagher brothers may be more known for their public squabbling, but back in the mid 90s Oasis were pretty much everywhere. And in 1995 they were at their peak headlining Glastonbury.

If you and your staff are 90s kids then you will all remember this blaring across every radio station up and down the UK, so this should really get you all excited and ready to work hard.


David Goulden

David Goulden


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