Football's coming home - what small businesses could learn from Euro 2020

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Football's coming home - what small businesses could learn from Euro 2020

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It’s finally here. After a year's delay, the European Championships have finally started. And with many games taking place at Wembley, football has finally come home - well at least partially.

But what has Euro 2020 got to do with small, independent businesses? Well, the competition has thrown up some spectacular moments over the years which we think many business or organisation could take inspiration from.

So read on, reminisce, enjoy a cold drink, and take a walk down memory lane with us. 

Gazzamania and special talents - England 

For those old enough to remember, there was something very special about watching Paul Gascoigne in full flow. The creative midfielder had the ability to dance around other players with ease and score spectacular goals.

At Euro '96 he was truly in his prime. In a group game against rivals Scotland, ‘Gazza’ scored a magnificent goal that still takes our breath away. He was one of a kind.

Small business takeaway:

In your business, you might be very lucky to have individuals who are really excellent at what they do - the sort of people who will help you drive forward.

These individuals need to be cherished and rewarded for their efforts, because if you don’t, someone else might! Do this, and you might find you have your own magnificent moment to celebrate. 

You’re more than the sum of your parts - Greece

2004 provided a huge shock when rank outsiders Greece upset the established order by beating Portugal in the final.

Greece didn’t have any household names in their team, but what they did have was unbelievable determination and teamwork which made them incredibly well-drilled and tough to beat. This was a fantastic achievement for the ultimate underdog. 

Small business takeaway:

If you're a small business in an established industry, you may find yourself coming up against bigger and more well-resourced competitors. But with the right creativity and determination, you could find a way to disrupt your space and do things that others can't.

By being smaller, maybe you can offer a level of care and courtesy to your customers that larger competitors haven't considered. Or you might have access to a more interesting product range that your competitors are unable to stock. Whatever it is that you have, you can take advantage and really ‘take on the big teams' just like Greece. 

Never give up on finding a way - France 

The final of Euro 2000 was played between footballing juggernauts France and Italy. The game was a tight and tense affair, as most finals tend to be. But in the 55th minute, there was a breakthrough as Italy scored the opener.

As the clock ticked, it looked like Italy would walk away as the tournament winners. But in the very last kick of normal time, France equalised to take the game into extra time. Amazingly France went on to win the game in extra time and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. 

Small business takeaway:

Perhaps your business has gone through difficult times, maybe within the 18 months of the pandemic. But if you believe in what you are doing, and the benefit that you can bring, have a solid business plan, and are adaptable, you could still succeed!

In fact, we saw many of our businesses keep on trading through the pandemic when times were really tough, with many food restaurants adapting to takeaways only when they weren't allowed to open to diners. And other non-essential businesses, such as retail clothing remained open as click and collect. 

Businesses adapted and found a way through challenging circumstances and many overcame the odds, just like France in 2000. 

Underachievers can become winners - Spain

The Spanish national team had always been heralded for having great talents with an amazing domestic league - however, they were notorious for messing up at big national tournaments. In 2008 the tide finally turned as they became winners when they beat Germany in the final. The wave of success continued for Spain’s golden generation as they would go on to win the World cup in 2010 and retain their European Championship in 2012. 

Small business takeaway:

If you’re a business owner that employs talented staff, it’s up to you to find ways to hone in on that potential and get the best out of your team. Why not think of ways to reward them if they meet their goals. How about a bonding day out to somewhere, or a voucher so they can treat themselves. Why not consider paying for training courses to help upskill certain individuals in your team? 

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