Cheers to Euro 2024: estimating how much the UK will spend on beer

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Cheers to Euro 2024: estimating how much the UK will spend on beer

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With the Euro 2020 finals attracting a staggering 31 million TV viewers in the UK, you can be sure that this year’s event will be a huge opportunity for hospitality businesses across the country to flourish.

To help you score big, we’ve put the work in to estimate just how many pints are predicted to be drunk and how much the UK public may spend throughout the four-week tournament. Our data delves into UK spending to provide insights that can help you maximise your profits to make Euro 2024 a winning occasion for your patrons and business.

Euros 2024 beer consumption set to exceed 600million pints

Euros 2024 beer consumption set to exceed 600million pints

With the country gearing up for a season of sporting spirit, we’ve predicted that Brits may drink an estimated 604.5 million pints throughout the football tournament. This nearly doubles the total amount of beers drunk at the Euros 2020 (364 million), with data estimating that 13 million pints could have been bought during the competition’s final match (calculated by multiplying the final match estimate by the 28 days of the competition).

This staggering figure places the average at about 8 pints per person drunk daily during the event, signalling a significant spike in pub-going and beer consumption.

UK set to spend over £2 billion on pints

UK set to spend over £2 billion on pints

Not only are fans expected to drink over 604 million pints of beer, but they're also projected to spend a monumental amount of money in the process. We’re anticipating that the total expenditure on beer during the tournament could surpass £2.4 billion. On a per-person basis, this boils down to an estimated £74.25 spent on beer alone throughout the competition.

These estimates could have a huge effect on the hospitality industry, which saw 6,000 venue closures in 2023 due to a combination of rising energy bills, increases in business rates, and struggling profit margins.

Spending across the UK

Spending across the UK

As we can see from our data predictions, football fever is set to sweep across the UK, but not every region will be celebrating — or spending — equally. The economic impact varies by location, with per-person beer spending painting a vivid picture of regional differences during the tournament.

We worked out the top UK cities that we estimate will spend the most during the Euros:























How small businesses can prepare for Euro 2024

How small businesses can prepare for Euro 2024

With the fixtures set and excitement beginning to mount, hospitality businesses must be well-prepared to handle the influx of customers. We’re sharing our key strategies to ensure your business meets customer expectations and exceeds them.

1. Stock up and staff wisely

With estimated busier peak times than usual, it's crucial to anticipate your inventory needs. Review your sales data or performance from previous sporting events to gauge the amount of beer and other beverages you might need. You might also want to have extra stock for popular brands or customer favourites.

Similarly, staffing is key — ensure you have enough hands on deck to manage the hustle and bustle smoothly. Consider hiring temporary staff if necessary, and it may be worth giving your team a refresher on handling busy periods, especially with excitable football fans. This preparation helps maintain a high level of service, keeping customers satisfied and likely to return.

2. Get your payment methods in order

With customers not wanting to miss a moment of the action, quick and efficient payment processing is essential. And that translates into having a swift and easy-to-use system that can handle an influx of transactions. 

If you haven’t already, review your current payment systems and consider upgrading to more advanced solutions. This won’t only benefit your business during the Euro 2024 competition but also in the long-term, as it could give your service a competitive edge and keep it up-to-date with the latest payment technologies.

Implementing fast, reliable POS systems and promoting contactless and mobile payments can drastically reduce wait times and improve customer experience. This speeds up transactions and helps manage larger crowds more effectively, ensuring that every customer leaves with a good impression.

3. Market your business

Customising promotions to match the event can create a more engaging atmosphere and attract more customers. Consider offering discounts during quieter matches or launching special promotions tied to game outcomes. 

Plus, engaging with your customers through social media can increase your visibility and draw a larger crowd. Hosting viewing parties can also enhance the event experience, making your venue the go-to spot for enjoying Euro 2024.

Upgrade your payment systems with takepayments

Upgrade your payment systems with takepayments

Here at takepayments, we make payments easy. We provide merchants with everything they need to get their business moving in the right direction – whether that’s a card machine or a POS system. Contact our team today to find out how we can help.


We used data from Statista to understand how many litres of beer were drunk per capita in 2023. We used these figures to calculate our prediction for how much beer may be consumed throughout Euro 2024. We then applied a figure for the average cost of a pint and projected these figures over the length of the tournament to estimate total spending. For regional spending, we used an average cost figure per major city from Numbeo.


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