Collections and donations can now be made by card. 

This inventive way to take donations means that congregations all over Scotland can now give safely and discreetly by simply scanning a unique QR code with their smart phone. 

The QR code also keeps congregations safe, as they can be dotted all over the church, ensuring no queues with safe distancing being maintained. 

As society becomes more and more reliant on cashless transactions, it’s an important step we must take to maximise offerings and donations for the work of the Church by both members and visitors alike.

Our FREE starter package includes everything you need to start taking safe and secure donations immediately, with marketing material so you can start promoting your new service.

  • 1 pull-up banner
  • 2 collection boxes
  • 50 stickers
  • 50 A4 posters

As soon as your church receives its starter package, a takepayment's friendly Specialist Joining Team will hold your hand until you are completely confident in how everything works.

Items will be supplied by GSB Print, in accordance with their standard terms. If you'd like to order any additional materials, or want to see what other products are available, you can find more at GSB Print

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You're not on your own

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Businesses will be required to enter into and maintain a separate contract with an acquiring bank nominated by takepayments for the processing of the card transactions. Under the contract with the acquiring bank, transaction charges and other fees will apply.

*Correct as of November 2022.

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