Taxis - are you taking card payments?


Taxis - are you taking card payments?

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The COVID-19 pandemic impacted workers across all industries and we don’t need to tell you taxi drivers were no exception - at the height of early lockdown when streets up and down the country were empty and everyone was forced to stay home it was a pretty challenging climate, to say the very least.

But, as measures continue to ease and joe public tentatively heads back out, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for our beloved cabbies. 

In fact, the latest data published by Cabvision, a firm operating in London, shows promising steady growth in taxi use in the capital. Looking at card payments alone in cabs they recorded a massive 175% increase in volume from one Saturday to the next in June - hailed ‘Super Saturday’ - providing hope for the industry.

Remember: while things are starting to pick back up, for those in financial difficulty there’s government help available - check out our one-stop COVID guide for businesses for all the latest.

Why are more people using taxis?

Coronavirus has made people more hygiene conscious than ever before - and there’s a lot of fear around being in an enclosed space with others, such as on public transport.

It makes sense then that the public is opting to ride in taxis where there are fewer interactions to contend with and more control over proximity and ultimately safety.

The importance of accepting card payments

UK consumers have been moving away from cash and towards card payments for some time now and in the last decade the use of cash has dropped a massive 60%, while payments on card have steadily gained popularity year-on-year.

COVID-19 has further sped up this transition, in no small part due to the fear of lurking germs and bacteria on cash, with: 

  • 54% of consumers admitting they’re afraid to handle it, and 
  • A whopping 75% using less cash in the wake of the pandemic.

It’s no surprise then the research shows card payments in taxis are skyrocketing - consumers feel safer paying on plastic.

For taxi drivers trying to recover, accepting card payments could have a big impact on the number of customers willing to ride with them, so don’t miss out on your slice of the post-lockdown surge in taxi use.

Government advice for taxis

It’s not just consumers who want to pay by card, but the government are encouraging the use of card payments and contactless technology wherever possible to minimise the risk of transmission.

Local councils have released their own guidance for taxi drivers, and many have gone as far as to suggest drivers avoid the use of cash altogether. Other guidance includes:

  • Maintaining a 2-metre distance between driver and passenger wherever possible
  • Avoiding any skin-to-skin contact
  • Keeping the number of passengers in your vehicle at any one time to a minimum
  • Only carrying multiple passengers if they’re from the same household
  • Asking passengers to load their own luggage where possible
  • Hand washing before and after each journey
  • Turn off air conditioning and bring fresh air in via windows instead
  • Wear a face covering and ensure your passenger(s) does too
  • Cleaning your vehicle thoroughly after each trip.

How to start taking card payments

The good news is accepting card payments as a taxi driver is easier than ever and you can be up and running with a state-of-the-art card reader in no time. 

Mobile card machine

A takepayments mobile card machine lets you take card payments on the go - they’re powered by a SIM card and use 4G technology to connect to the strongest GPRS signal around - just like a mobile phone.

They accept all the latest payment methods, so you can take credit and debit card payment, as well as mobile and contactless, from anywhere in the UK with ease. Plus, they’re:

  • Light and durable - no clunky equipment necessary
  • Hold a long-lasting charge - you’ll never be caught short on shift
  • Print instant receipts - thanks to their integrated thermal printer
  • Super easy to set up - you can start taking card payments as soon as it arrives.

Our mobile machines come with a charging base and a portable micro USB - so if you ever forget to put your reader on charge when you get home, you can still take card payments the following day.

Ready to boost your post-lockdown recovery? Here at takepayments we:

  • Create personalised pricing packages to suit your needs
  • Have local consultants on hand up and down the country

So, get in touch with one of our friendly experts today!

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