How to take a payment by phone with your card machine

Published: 28/10/2020

Taking card payments over the phone lets you reach customers who can't come to your business in person, and could help you keep trading during the coming weeks.

And if you've already got a card machine, you're good to go! 

To take a payment over the phone, you just need to follow a few simple steps:

Step 1: Your card machine screen will say ready and show your merchant number. If you have an M5000 machine, go to 'Menu' and select 'CNP'.

Step 2: Type in the cost of the item and then press 'Enter'.

Step 3: The machine will ask to present the card. Type in your customers 16-digit credit or debit card number and press 'Enter'.

Step 4: You'll then be asked to type in your customers card expiry date. Once done, press 'Enter'.

Step 5: It'll ask if the customer is present. Press 'Clear'.

Step 6: You'll be asked to type in the 3-digit security code which is on the back of the card. Once done, press 'Enter'.

Step 7: It'll ask for the house number and the numeric digits of the postcode that the card is registered to. Type these in and press 'Enter'.

If the registered address has a house name instead, you will need to enter '0'.

Step 8: Once done, the card machine will start to process the transaction.

Step 9: It will then automatically print the customer copy of the receipt.

Step 10: Once printed, tear this off the machine and press 'Enter'.

Step 12: It will then automatically print the merchant copy of the receipt.

Step 13: Once printed, tear this off the machine and keep this for your records and press 'Enter'.

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