How you could boost profits over Easter

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How you could boost profits over Easter

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We preach about the importance of harnessing seasonal celebrations to your advantage a lot on the takepayments blog, and Easter is no exception. 

With every event in the calendar comes the opportunity to engage with customers, build brand awareness and tie your products to the occasion, all three of which could increase sales, spending, and profits. 

If you’re after a little inspiration on how to make the most of Easter for your business then look no further, our four top tips will put a spring in your step come April 12th, so let’s hop to it... 

1. Seasonal marketing

Your marketing efforts can be as simple or extravagant as you wish depending on time, space and budget. The point of adopting a seasonal event is to boost your bottom lines though, so don’t be tempted to go over the top if it won’t leave you a healthy return on investment. 


For anyone with a shop window, an Easter display is a great way to catch consumers’ eyes and show you’re making an effort. 

Did you know? Window displays are the first point of contact a consumer has with a business and have been shown to increase sales by as much as 540% if done well. 

You could create an Easter scene with bunnies and chicks or hang some beautifully decorated eggs, even colour coordinate them to your business. The options really are endless.

Here are some more ideas on how:

  • Create an Easter cocktail by giving a classic a seasonal twist, for example, your ordinary champagne cocktail could become a ‘Bubbly Bunny’. 
  • Cafe owner? Rustle up some themed biscuits in an Easter shape, children especially will love it.
  • In the nail business? Offer themed nails with cute stickers and pretty prints. 
  • And if you run a restaurant, put on an Easter-themed menu (lamb and rabbit are popular choices).


There’s no easier way to market yourself than through a targeted email campaign. Put a bit of thought into the content, tie it to Easter in a light-hearted way, and you’ll have successfully linked your business to the event. 

Make sure you grab your reader’s attention with a clever subject line too, something like ‘Check out our Easter eggstravaganza’ or ‘tweet yourself this Easter’, and don’t be afraid to use an emoji or two where relevant - they’ve been shown to increase email open rates. 

Give all the detail of whatever it is you’re doing for Easter, whether it’s an event, promotion, discount or otherwise, and finish off with a clever twist on your call to action. Where you’d normally say ‘shop now’ you could say ‘s-HOP now’, or ‘hop to it’. 

2. Social media

While using social media is technically a form of online marketing, we’ve given it a point of its own given the huge potential it has to not only market your business but engage with your consumer base and build brand awareness. 

There are so many ways you can use social media to your benefit (head here for an in-depth guide), but here are our top three Easter picks:

Run a competition

Consumers who’re engaged with your business are more likely to hand over their hard-earned cash, it’s been shown time and time again. So, run an Easter-themed competition and you’ll give people the incentive to engage with you while boosting the chance they’ll share your posts - widening your marketing efforts further. 

Not sure how? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Guess the name of the chick - simply post a picture of a cute little Easter chick and ask your followers to guess its name. Be clear that people must be following your page to take part and offer a prize for the winner such as a free drink, £10 voucher, etc. 
  2. Egg-decorating competition - Ask your followers to embrace their inner child and decorate an egg, post a picture on their feed and tag your business in it. First prize gets a free hair cut, second prize a free blow-dry, etc. 
  3. How many eggs are in the jar? - Simply put a bunch of Easter eggs in a jar, take a photo and ask your followers to guess how many there are. Anyone who gets the right answer wins a free cup of coffee. 

Remember: make sure anyone who enters is following your page, and where possible getting them to share it with their friends. By increasing the number of people following your feed, you’ll ensure further social media campaigns are seen by a larger audience. 

Run a poll

Get consumers to interact with your business by running a poll. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all offer them and they’re a great, cost-effective way to boost engagement while showcasing your products. 

It can be something as simple as ‘which of these Easter themed dishes looks tastiest?’, or ‘which of these scented candles would make you think of Easter?’, but you’ll be highlighting your great offerings while you’re at it. 

Top tip: If you need visuals to accompany your poll, stick to Facebook and Instagram as Twitter won’t allow you to attach images. 

Images and videos

Use your social feeds to share pictures of your Easter displays alongside your products and use the occasion as a springboard to upsell your stock. By posting a photo of your display with a caption along the lines of ‘We’re so excited for the Easter weekend, are you?’, you’ll be engaging with your followers and building a sense of anticipation while subliminally highlighting your assets. 

Another great method for up-selling is videos. It could be of your staff doing an Easter egg hunt around your cafe - thereby showcasing your products while having some lighthearted fun, or if you’re a hairdresser you could do an Easter hair tutorial - providing value to consumers while highlighting your skills and expertise. 

3. Promotions and events

If you’re the kind of business where a loyalty card makes sense, like a cafe or beauty parlour, consider running a promotional discount which can be achieved by gaining X number of stamps in the weeks ahead of Easter. This method means customers will be enticed into making repeat visits to be eligible for your discount.

Remember: decide on your promotion early so you’ve got enough time to let all your customers know and build anticipation.

For cafes, bars, and restaurants a colouring competition is a super cheap and effective way to boost engagement and keep parents happy. All you’ll need to do is print some Easter themed pages and buy some cheap crayons and you’re set to go. 

Ask parents to put their phone number or email address on the back of the sheet so you can let them know the winner, but it’s always a good idea to give a prize to all entrants to keep a smile on everyone’s face. 

Top tip: Don’t give out prizes on the same day. If you let people know at a later date, they’ll more than likely come back to your business (and potentially spend more money) to collect their prize.

Some other ideas for events include:

  • A visit from the Easter bunny
  • Story-telling time for children
  • How to make your own Easter bouquet workshop
  • Basket making and egg decorating
  • Hoppy Hour - 2 for 1 on Easter cocktails

Easter egg hunt

Last but not least, have a bit of fun by hosting a good old fashioned Easter Egg hunt for your customers, it’ll demonstrate goodwill and generosity which equals boosted loyalty. All you have to do is hide an abundance of little chocolate eggs around your premises and remember to make sure there’s enough for everyone to find, then you’re good to go. 

An Easter Egg hunt doesn’t need to cost you much either and you’ll be showcasing your store and products while you’re at it - win, win.

Did you know almost half of consumers would abandon a purchase if they couldn’t pay the way they wanted to? Don’t let your payment systems cost you sales over Easter or any other time of the year. 

Whether it’s your in-store EPOS systems and card machines or online payments that need sprucing up, our team of experts are on hand to help, so get in touch on 08082 393254.

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