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Collections and donations can now be made by card. 

This inventive way to take donations means that congregations all over Scotland can now give safely and discreetly by simply scanning a unique QR code with their smart phone. 

The QR code also keeps congregations safe, as they can be dotted all over the church, ensuring no queues with safe distancing being maintained. 

As society becomes more and more reliant on cashless transactions ,it's an important step we must take when retiring collections and receiving donations by visitors to our historic churches and beautiful cathedrals. 

Our FREE starter package includes everything you need to start taking safe and secure donations immediately, with marketing material so you can start promoting your new service.

  • 1 pull-up banner
  • 2 collection boxes
  • 50 stickers
  • 50 A4 posters

As soon as your church receives it's starter package, a takepayment's friendly Specialist Joining Team will hold your hand until you are completely confident in how everything works. And once your are up and running, our seven days a week UK helpline will answer any questions you may have. 

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Joining Team @2X

Specialist joining team

They will hold your hand through getting set up, until you are completely confident and transacting with ease.

No Charge

No fees to join us

We won't charge you a thing to join us, and if you leave at the end of your contract, the same thing applies.

12 Month

12 Month Contract

Unlike most other card providers, we won’t tie you into long contracts - ours are just 12 months, one of the shortest out there.

Partnership With Barclaycard

Partnered with Barclaycard

Your transactions can be handled by Barclaycard and you'll have the reassurance of next day settlement of your donation too.*

*Providing your card machine performs its banking window before 9pm you will receive full settlement of your donation the next banking day. This service is only available to takepayments Limited customers who have Barclaycard as an acquirer. Ecommerce pay pages, pay by link and virtual terminals are currently settled the day after the next banking day.

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