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With a second lockdown coming into place in England and a 5 tier system in Scotland, lockdown in Northern Ireland and a firebreak in Wales, we understand things continue to be uncertain and advice is often changing on a daily basis. That's why we've created this hub to keep you up-to-date with helpful information at every step.

We want you to feel assured that takepayments will be right by your side throughout this difficult time.

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How to take card payments online

British consumers are making more online purchases than ever and businesses need to keep up. In this guide, we cove...

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What's a virtual terminal?

If you’re not sure what virtual terminals are then you don’t how much your business could be missing out on. Discov...

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How do I take card payments over the phone?

We’ve covered the ins and outs of virtual terminals and card machines, their security measures and the business ben...

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How to take a payment by phone with your card machine

Find out how you can take a card payment using your card machine when a customer isn't present.

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