How eposmove can make you work leaner

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How eposmove can make you work leaner

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Running a business is an all-encompassing job - from staff and inventory management to accounting and reporting, it can feel as though there aren’t enough hours in the day. 

Identifying ways to implement lean working can help to alleviate your load while ensuring your business is running as efficiently and successfully as possible - sounds good, right?

In this article, we’ll explain exactly what lean working is and how the revolutionary eposmove system can help you get your hands on the perks it has to offer.

What is lean working?

In its purest form, lean working puts an emphasis on getting rid of ‘waste’ when it comes to business processes. 

The idea is to save valuable resources and manpower for the most important aspects of running a business - customer satisfaction and improved bottom lines. 

So ultimately, lean working is designed to maintain or improve the level of value you deliver to your customers while cutting down on the amount of work and effort required on your behalf by identifying tools that help eliminate ‘waste’.

How an eposmove can help

No doubt the idea of less work for better returns sounds right down your alley, but is it too good to be true? 

Not with eposmove - it’s our latest release and we’re super proud of it - designed to make business ownership easier than ever before and help businesses work leaner. Here are seven ways it’ll do just that. 

1. Integrated payments

eposmove is an integrated EPOS system and card machine that fits in the palm of your hand (similar sized to an iPhone). 

That means you can take orders, provide the bill, and take payments - with no room for error - tableside. It streamlines the entire customer experience, making it smoother for them and super speedy for you.

Faster and more accurate payments will allow you to serve more customers in a day while still offering grade-A customer service.

2. Automatic updates

Thanks to its Cloud-based back-office system, the eposmove automatically updates to the latest software meaning you’ll always be armed and ready with the latest and greatest improvements and running the most efficient systems on offer. 

Unlike traditional card machines which over time can become outdated and slow you down, the EPOSmove will always have you on your A-game, working as efficiently as possible.

3. Instant receipt printing

In days gone by customer payments involved multiple steps:

  • Asking the waiter for the bill
  • The waiter going to the till to print the bill
  • The bill being brought to the table
  • The customer waiting for their payment to be taken
  • The waiter collecting payment and returning with a receipt.

A fairly arduous process, but not with EPOSmove. Its integrated systems include bills, payments, and instant receipt printing so this whole process can be made super lean and handled in one smooth interaction - less cumbersome for the customer, and much faster for you.

4. User accounts

Within eposmove all your staff members can have individual user accounts, logins, and controls set by you. This eradicates any opportunity for confusion or crossed wires when it comes to dealing with orders, tables, or bills. 

It also gives your workforce the autonomy to get on with their job - serving customers, without waiting around or needing to ask for permissions. 

5. Staff management

On the subject of your staff, you’ll also be able to manage permissions, performance, and pay from within eposmove from anywhere you have access to the internet thanks to the clever eposmove app.

You simply log in and can track sales by employee, day of the week, time of day, and even channel so you can easily monitor performance and make amends to boost efficiency where needed, for example, offering more training or adding extra staff at key selling times.

6. Inventory

One of the most important but time-consuming aspects of business ownership is effective inventory management. Order too little and you could end up costing yourself a pretty penny, order too much and your cashflow can suffer.

Finding the sweet spot isn’t always easy, but eposmove makes it a doddle thanks to its stock management functionality. Log in from anywhere and you’ll see exactly where your stock levels are at in real-time, plus set up automatic purchase orders so you’re never caught short.

eposmove is choc a bloc with data, including sales figures, so you can see what sells well and when and amend your stock accordingly so you never lose a sale.

Plus you and your staff can check stock tableside, give your customers accurate information on availability and ingredients, and even upsell excess items off the cuff. The creme de la creme of inventory management will be in the palm of your hand with EPOSmove, allowing you to work leaner than ever before.

7. Accounting

Let’s not beat around the bush, accounting and end-of-day reports are no one’s idea of a good time, but as a business owner, you’re all too aware of how important they are. 

Without integrated payments the entire process can soon become a headache if the numbers don’t add up, costing you precious time at the end of a busy day.

eposmove offers the tonic since orders and payments are all handled in one place, eliminating the chance of employee error and mismatched figures. Plus, you can integrate packages like QuickBooks, Sage, and Xero, allowing you to save hours of reconciliation with end-of-day reporting that can integrate into your accounting package.

Next steps

You’ve probably noticed we’re proud as punch of eposmove, it provides business owners limitless time-saving functionality at their fingertips, and can make lean working and all the benefits it offers a reality. 

If eposmove sounds like the solution for you, prices start from as little as £45 a month, and you’ve even got the option to go mobile by adding a SIM card for only £4 extra monthly. 

At takepayments we’re all about helping businesses succeed and that’s why all our pricing is transparent and personalised to the needs of each business - you’ll only pay what you should, plus:

  • We don’t charge sign up or exit fees
  • We offer short 12-month contracts
  • We’re partnered with Barclaycard, one of the most trusted names in the industry, and
  • We’ll provide you and your workforce support at every step of the way.

You can register your interest in eposmove here, or pick up the phone and chat with one of our friendly experts on 08082 390206.


Bryony Pearce

Bryony Pearce


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